Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Author needs to be sensitive

Thanks to KJ for reminding me why am I absent from blogging for so long.
Actually I got too busy with my work at the new place that I could not find time to write. (Actually I still am)
Writing aimlessly, I find too difficult , and hence the inactivity over here.
Thus came the thought that a regular writer must be quite sensitive who finds something or other regularly to trigger his
thought process and he starts writing on it.
But then I wonder how come I wrote so many (good or bad) articles while I was free for a month when I was to move from TI
and had not yet joined Freescale.
Does it imply that sensitivity is a function of available time.
The more time you have free with you, the more sensitive you become.
But that also might not be true.
Today I came early from office as I was somehow not in a mood to work and then decided to write something on my blog.
I took time to think what to write on and this itself , I thought, I'll write on.
And if this article turns out to be good one on completion, the above logic would prove invalid.
Spontaneity comes by itself if one puts a li'l bit of effort for something he knows he likes/good-at but not in a proper
"mood" of doing that. So, mood is the max temporal of all which is very easy to conquer but the willingness for which is very difficult
to have.
This logical discourse reminds me of the following argument of Socrates mentioned in the book "the dialogues of Plato"
The simple way Socrates proves that there is life after death is that if even a instant-born baby feels secure when it has somebody with it.
It cries when you leave it alone, it gets scared when suddenly it gets dark, it suddenly stops crying or starts laughing if it realizes that there
is somebody to take care of it.
How does it learn all these? It cannot come out of thin air. It must have learnt it somewhere before it arrived in this world. What else that
can be but pre-birth life.
Similar (Socrates must be feeling uneasy in his grave or maybe some Nth birth of his would be cursing me!!!) approach is what I am taking to
prove my point. Logic.
Anyway, I get back to what I was trying to drive the conclusion at.
One hypothesis that fits it that somebody who is always willing to write somehow makes it his profession so that he has all the time to write
can definitely make a good author.
He has the time and the will as well, so there wont be any dearth of topic he would feel like writing about.
While writing this one, the argument struck me "sensitivity is a function of time".
I think it IS so. it is function of time you have left with you after you are done with those which you had kept for yourself.
If you are too engrossed in your work/fun/entertainment/../.. you tend to become less sensitive.
(Sensitivity is a virtue or a vice, I honestly have no strong opinion about it).
Of course there is degree of it as with all the things in the world. Our sensitivity gradually declines as we move out of our
social circle. First comes immediate family then comes relatives/friends , then comes surroundings . at some very low degree comes
country and almost at NIL comes environment/world. This is what general psychology is. Maybe this is what makes revolutions so difficult to happen.
I am lost and hope other readers also get lost in this thought as there is nothing I m trying to convey but just writing aimlessly!!!!


Monday, August 01, 2005

I own the MOST beautiful thing (the MOST beautiful thing I own)

its ibook.
G4,512MB RAM,30GB HDD.
deadly combo. that too at 57K!!!!!!
I m so happy.
urs truly is at home at 11:00 pm at night writing this posting.
DSL modem is not that disappointing afterall.