Monday, May 30, 2005

What opinion would Roark have about Fountianhead?

The way I have interpreted Fountainhead, I seriously doubt, he would have ever read Fountainhead if he knew apriori what does it deal with. And even if he did, I am sure he would not have changed himself even if he was different from the character protrayed.
kim vicharasi twam?
I am a stubborn fool who never finds himself wrong and thus trying to justify himself by comparing with Roark :-) kam se kam main ek besharm-honest to hoon!!!

Gurgaon Yaatra

Made a trip to Gurgaon. heard a lot about . did find it exactly the way/opinion almost-all-were-unanimous-of.
Went to Jawahar's house near Shushant Lok shopping arcade.We met after a couple of years. had a nie time together with majo portion, as usual, in recalling the days spent in school and again me pestering him to reveal the identity of agaurav004. He again feigned ignorance :-(
This was a proxy id used (somebody tell me who he(it canne be she) was!!!) to chat with a good friend of mine from Science College and suddenly after a year I got a mail, on lycos, from her asking why no mail since long. I said I never mailed her, where does the this "since long" arise!!
I had hard time convincing her, after few cross questionings, that original was I and that was some impersonater.
Anyway, it was an episode, nice or sad, no comments.
Went to Millenium Plaza.Hope there is Mini Osama having his eyes on it!!!
Is delhi suited for so much glass buildings!!! I think its unnecessary wastage of power in trying to maintain AC for instead of concrete walls which would be much better insulator than glass. Civil Engineers, any comments?
Then Sahara Mall, city Center (AOE, remember), Metro Mall.
Gurgaon has grown fasss..tttt.. man!
Or was it like this earlier also. i guess not.
If junta is geting bored with my memoirs and no articles of information/substance, my apologies.
Please bear with me till I get my ibook(!!!!) and an internet connection at home.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

got the cooler

Got IT!!!!
Exhaust ,18", powerful 300W.
had a chilled/cold night :-(

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

HOT Night!!!!!

YES!!!!!, it was one of the HOTTEST night I ever spent!!!!!! It was too HOT for me. I need to learn a lot here in Delhi!!!!!
Take my words, if you want HOT nights, come to DELHI.
(though cold (CC..C..O..OO...LLDDDD...) nights are also there sometimes)
Envious of me?
Well, I hate somebody who envy me (kam-se-kam ek to reason genuine hoye tab to jealous hoye koi, and i hate unreasonable people who can find somebody like me to be envious of!!!!! FYI, I have never found ANY yet who envies me:-( ) (Well, my list is endless. I envy Napolean, Hitler, FDR, Churchill and the list is endless. God, I am waiting for the WW3 since 1996 (The year I appeared for X).....)
So, to calm down those who got excited/envious: Yesternight I slept in my new house. No AC, No cooler. Thank God, it was not made HOTTER as power was there to keep the fan running. I can vaguely recall the moments few hours back, when every half an hour I changed from sleeping on back to sleeping on tummy. so comforting it was for intital few minutes till the fan evaporated the sweat on my body and then back to HOT mode for rest part of the 30 minutes before I could turn the sleeping position again.
Lesson Learnt: No procrastination. Cooler to be bought today now at any cost (hope the financial cost doesn't shoot up)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Delhi(NCR) doesn't stop surprising me

While back from Delhi on my bike, to Atta,Noida, at a redlight not-so-unused-one,I saw a car wating for the light to turn green, at the edge of the turn, instead of stopping behind the Zebra Crossing. I was on the other side. There was a policeman standing by the road. I looked at him and indicated towards the car. He got a bit uncomfortable (my observation), got up to cross the road. My expectations rose, atleast some policaman does feel the need to check this frequent bad practice at delhi roads of no respect to the traffic lights.
The guy crossed the road, went towards the car AND THEN CROSSED THE OTHER SIDE AS WELL.
Me realised the hopelessness. Decided to drive the bike on delhi roads at my own risk. (whom God loves die young! I hope God doesn't love me that much) and moved forwards.
Still alive after two long drives and hence this post dedicated to GOD who saved me!!!!!!!
(FINALLY moved to the rented accommodation in 15A, Nice colony. Tomorrow footer, anybody joining???)

Friday, May 20, 2005

Found a house

Well, I should not write FINALLY, rather finally . coz this is the second house I looked at and finalised.
EXTREMELY nice locality of Sector 15A. Nice furnished house (but on top,second floor) though just one big bedroom and one small drawing room and a kitchen and a bathroom with a common terrace (i dont think anybody from lower floors wud use it more than I).
dekhte hain bnina mehnat kiye ghar lene ka anjaam kaisa hota hai.
will get to know after staying there for a month or so, I guess.
Have a beatuful BIG green garden in the front (would help my JOG/footer/../.. anybody joining??)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

experiences in delhi

Having too many new experiences but running REALLY sgort of time to write.
took sauna-bath and steam bath, first time in my life. they were both really very boring and time-taking as well.
talked to a houseowner in Sector15A yesterday.Bachelor guy from Bihar looking for accommodation.
thank god the intimidation was not physically apparant in form of convulsion or soemthing!!!!
house-hunt still going on.
dont know when wud get time to unleash my creative talent of writing.
some new experience on form of protests from sme people over my blog, i dont understand y.
anybody has anything to write, please feel free to comment.
want me to remove ur link/comment-on-u/../.. write in comments and it will be done (if i agree with that!!!!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I met some prominant television personality

I was having dinner in Radisson and then came a couple in the table opposite to mine.
The lady was loking VERY gracious and the husband a simple/humble/queit fellow. Deduction based on observation.
Suddenly it occurred to me that I had seen the lady somewhere but as my wont, of forgetting things, howe'er hard I tried, I couldn't recollect.
Atleast I could realise that the lady was a television personality but then I never saw so much television, so I focussed on personalities whom one find in some regular articles' author photographs but :-( I couldn't recollect any. She was not Shobha De of course.
I have a very bad habit of getting impatient to get answers to my curiosity and more so when it looks easily solvable.
So, simplest and best thing I could do was to goto the lady and ask. Only thing was had she been somebody not-so-famous, I dont know how might she (or her husband!!!) react.
Anyway, I did the best thing and went to her. I ,matter-of-factly-and-honestly said, I thought I had seen her somewhere, maybe on television or maybe some magazine, but was not able to recollect where. If she could help me!!!!!!
She obliged and in a very graceful manner. She introduced herself as "Jaishree Arora" and very confidenyl named few serials out of which I could indetify only one "Humlog" and said she acted in more than 150 episodes (anyway, i guess it must have been a good performance by any serial THEN). Well, I didn't need autograph nor photograph(I never went to Srinath or Kumble as I could easily identify them when I saw them in Bangalore with ample opportunity to get photographed or talk or ...) but I got what I wanted and that was QUICK solution to easily-solvable curiosity of mine. I came back to my table SATISFIED!!!!!
Hey! so the celebrities DO talk in hindi amongst themselves!!!! haa haa. (though they talked to me in english. well, it was me who initiated in english :-( )

Monday, May 16, 2005

moved 2 Delhi

me in not-yet-so-scorching-but-hot-enuf-4-me delhi.
will keep u posted on getting time.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

If we all could just be selfish, not jealous

Here follows the words of wisdom from a philosopher-to-be!!!!!
Feel free to protest through whate'er means you can :D
I have a bad habit of thinking too much when I have not much to do and not at all thinking when the some rational thought ought to be behind some action to be undertaken. Enough about the philosopher, now some on the process of enlightenment.
Of many daily-habits I had to imbibe in school, one was earliest possible visit to BOGS in the morning. If ever you missed it because of the morning hour rush with BOGS:user ratio being as low as 0.2 and all looking forward to optimising his sleep with getting up the last and make a quick trip to BOGS as only one eternal truth prevailed in the wee hours of morning and that was PT mein late na hona, warna pair,ghutna,ankle and what-not bahut dard karega Anyway only 2-3 experiences were enough for me (some people took more painful days though :-), kyon Bhadar(Abhishek Raj)? He is a testimony to that!!!!!!) and I learned it fast. Gone are PTs and frog-jumps but the habit remains. So, to put the habit to good use, I adopted the habit of thinking in this precious time. Take it form my experience, its best time to think. If you dont agree with that, atleast you can take my words that thinking is the best you can do here.
Why Napolean's genius brother Louis could not accept him the way whole world did? Why did I write the mail thus? Am I right in leaving world's 2nd/3rd largest semiconductor company for another smaller one? und so weiter.....
On a similar errand, while thinking about Fountainhead, occurred to me this Would not the whole world turn too good to live in with people retaining their selfish nature but just restraining the jealousy
So, its not asking too much as one is allowed to be selfish ( do we even know how dificult/easy it is to become selfless or how great/disappointing it feels one becoming one???). Just for an example, the way the Ambani siblings are fighting, its wont be surprising if they both lose few billions in near future. But if they stop it all and divide even with one emerging a bit better off, still in the end, both would be better off than if they keep the fight on (Are you two listening to the great prophet??? :D ). Any trade/business can be successfull if the fundamental it is based on is gain for all. Thats why businesses generate wealth, they dont siphon it off from one side to another (in general, you can definitely say so). So, one doesnt expect such behavour from so successfull (ethical? NO comments.) business family as Ambanis whrn they know (i guess so) it very well that this is loss to both but early settlement is gain for both, though not equal but still better than prolonged fight. Reason. Nothing but jealousy. One doesn't want his/her rival to become good/better. No (some, and that too only to yourself) harm thinking/wishing as long as it does not manifest in your action. If your action get influenced by this, you are losing the precious time/means/../.. you might have utilised for your own growth/peace/benefit.

(Now the author is not in mood, as he is not enjoying it much writing this. Sorry to u all)

Friday, May 06, 2005

Looking forwad to Delhi

My blog seems to have taken a 360 degree turn now.
I started it with the announcement of my moving to delhi and am back to the same topic.
I dont know if this happens to everybody or just to me. Now as the days are getting closer and closer, I am getting more and more impatient. Yesterday, the impatience was bit less as Chandra didnt agree to my short-cut proposal of writing down some descriptive text files instead of a ppt/doc with detailed block diagrams. Even hard copy proposal was rejected :(. So I got busy with something. But as soon as that something got over for the day, me back to vegabondage of thoughts. Now that I cann't get any book also issued from so-nice-TI-library (I hope freescale has a nice one, lets c) as I got my login disabled there (remember No-Dues of college!!), my problem is aggravated.
Thanks to the blog, I can safely vent out my impatience, without irritating Lox by calling him up while he is busy stabilising an op-amp (which wont even take 0.01% of the die area which itself wud be as small as 4 sq mm. Com'on ,LoX, chill out), or sending some junk messages to Satyadeo who is too busy for his July release ( hope the potential indian mothers dont get inspired by these software engineers' delivery-rate!!!! yeah, maybe Germans can) or calling up a friend in Patna (if her reliance mobile allows my cell-one to connect (or vice-versa)) and doing general chit-chat till AshishL comes and reminds me if we can continue with the Technology Transfer that we stopped after 3 hours of digging of the digital-code yesterday or till Saravana messages me on yahoo chat (who said yahoo msgr in office is waste of bandwidth) if I can forward him the noise simulations results so that he can check, sitting in lab in Dallas and characterising the silicon which arrived a month back, at this ungodly hour, if the silicon matches the simulations!!!!
Thanks to the blog, people got a chance to keep off from me.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Finished the biography of Napolean today. Lieutenant at 19, Brigadier General at 24 and Emperor at 34!!!! That too nothing inherited.
And so powerful and emperor who installed proletarians as kings and generals and the whole europe accepted. Equally dramatic was his fall!!!
Emil Luwig tells its impatience. (cann't the meteoric rise be attributeed to the same reason!!!!)
Also, overconfidence in the fate and himself. But who the hell deserves to have over-confidence if not Napolean!!!!
Hail Napolean.