Thursday, February 04, 2010

I am an SRK fan

I didn't like him that much for simple reasons of individual's preferences when is comes to which actors you like to watch and enjoy the movies of. But with his viewpoint regarding india's (of the mass ) stand/opinion on IPL-Pakistan-Cricketers-treatment and then his stand against Shiv Sena, I fully support him and I really appreciate his gesture when he could have simply apologized and ensure his movie does well and make lots of money for him. I hope people will get inspired as many people have similar feelings but theirs' don't count but his does.
Somebody needs to do something about Maharashtra. If the majority like Shiv Sena stand, state ONLY for locals, I think they are asking for a federal state, some new article like 356 for Maharashtra needs to be made. Let it be then made public and lets see if Maharashtra can thrive with isolation from India.