Thursday, February 04, 2010

I am an SRK fan

I didn't like him that much for simple reasons of individual's preferences when is comes to which actors you like to watch and enjoy the movies of. But with his viewpoint regarding india's (of the mass ) stand/opinion on IPL-Pakistan-Cricketers-treatment and then his stand against Shiv Sena, I fully support him and I really appreciate his gesture when he could have simply apologized and ensure his movie does well and make lots of money for him. I hope people will get inspired as many people have similar feelings but theirs' don't count but his does.
Somebody needs to do something about Maharashtra. If the majority like Shiv Sena stand, state ONLY for locals, I think they are asking for a federal state, some new article like 356 for Maharashtra needs to be made. Let it be then made public and lets see if Maharashtra can thrive with isolation from India.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

limit of human apathy

Since last 24 hours, the image of an indian police officer is swirling around in my head. Though the image as telecasted on the tv was a blur, it can be imagined what must have been the expression and what thoughts must have been going through his mind. I must confess, this one has been the WORST image of India I ever got.
The same camera when panned sideways, showed so many people, a fleet of cars - all came to halt there but just to watch the man dying!!!!!!!
We say we are so sensitive to people's emotion. Where was all that when all one needed was initiative to help him. With the fleet of cars around, had even a single man tried to help him, nobody could have denied yielding (I wont use 'offering') his vehicle for help. But no, the politicians/beurocrats and their men were busy watching and camerman was busy filming.
Not a single person present there should ever in their life blame police or any other civilian for not helping him/her when need arises. I am sure their guilt feeling would haunt them throughout their life.
My concept in God is only on basis of the uncertainties which are beyond our control.
But for the rest, if I make a mistake, my guilt has haunted me enough that I try my best to keep far from mistakes. But the problem is what do you do to a inhuman, in form of human being, who has no mind/feelings of his own, and has learnt that keep committing mistakes and goto a temple and the supreme power will wipe off all your sins.
Seems the concept of God/religious-books/religion telling us the moral principles and code of conduct is not working. Atleast the portion of getting rid of your sins should be removed. I simply wish if you make mistakes, one should be taught to live with them all their life. Let them be known there is no way out, as there isn't any.