Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Airtel beats Apple

Doesn't it sound like the giant Real Madrid being beaten by if-not-minnows but definitely not-Los galacticos, Sevilla.
I applied for Airtel boradband connection much after my advance payment for ibook.
But ibook remains hung in mid-air somewhere (or may-be floating in high seas somewhere) while I have already got the phone installed yesternight and modem will be installed tomorrow :-(
"der aaye durusht aaye" ki ummeed karta hoon.
I went to India Gater yesternight.
It looked so good.
But I was disappointed with the adjacent BIG lawns thanks to junta's apathy.
But overall, it looks GLAMOROUS.
I am still waiting for World War III !!!!! (India Gate reminded me of it)

"You don't win a battle by dying for your country.
You win a battle by making the other son of a bitch, die for his country."

Gen Patton.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Most admired person

If somebody asks me, if given the chance and info I have, which real-life character I would wish to be the most, my answer would be Napoleon.
May I know what others have as answer to this. lets keep it open to real-life characters only. maybe like one's dad or Hitler or Gen McArthur or Joan-of-Arc or ../..

Thursday, July 14, 2005

two BIG companies and a hapless me :-(

We, at freescale were given an offer (so were we told around 5 weeks back) from Apple guys.
Since Freescale (erstwhile Motorola Semiconductors) manufactures the G4-G5 processors used in Apple's products, the offer was of discount upto 15% for the Freescalers!!!!!
Whats better than ibook/powerbook at the price similar to that in Singapore in India!!!!
Promptly I dropped my plan to buy a notebook and wait for the offer to start!!!!!
I never thought the wait would be so long-lasting.
Who the hell could imagine two such BIG shots would be so tardy in so small a job compared to the complicated tasks they undertake and complete.
Anyway, I do some light at the end of the tunnel now as the nth enquiry I made at Apple's sales office today gave some positive result.
Will update you as soon as I get my new ibook , meybe by next month :-(

Friday, July 08, 2005

Straighforward or Blunt: a thin line

Yesterday I made Ma cry.
She asked me , after a phone call from Papa, whether I was hapy having her around or unhappy.
Was her being around restricting on my freedom.
I tried to be honest and gave a straighforward answer without space for ANY emotions. Maybe I am yet to realise the importance of things which I take for granted (anybody does so, isnt it).
My blunt answer made her cry.
I always make the mistake of being blunt in trying to be honest/straighforward :-(. Only when I relaise I have crossed the thin line (generally I do), I realise my mistake. The realisation dawns upon me once the other person starts crying or has the patience to argue his/her justification in getting hurt or ....
Any suggestions to cure me of this ???