Friday, December 30, 2005

wen jelly met belly

belly sucked the life out of jelly and pushed it out into another long confusing alley.
balle balle balle.

heehee haahaaahoohoo

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


What do you feel should be the inverse of a man!!!!!!
Is it woman?
I dont have any second opinion about futility of this proposition.
Is it a man who walks in the direction of his back, who takes a 270 degree rotation to turn right and in another side 270 to turn left?
Or is it one who walks on his head and punches with his legs.
Well,for those who think at more abstract level, it can be somebody , say notnilC lliB, who sleeps in the day and gets up at night.
Or another rM rakludneT nihcaS who thinks in reverse manner. who laughs when he is hurt and who hurts somebody who loves him (dont we already have a popular term for such Man^(-1) !!! )
At very morphological level, it can be a species with heart on the right side, lever absorbing oxygen instead of providing bile juice and lungs helping in digestion. or is totally reverse. rM nihcaS eats shit and out comes Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hee hee haa haa hoo hoo.
raeY weN yppaH