Wednesday, June 29, 2005

patience is a virtue

Have PATIENCE. I'll be back :-)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Loveliest Thing in world

Anybody knows???
I know. Anything that you dont have!!!!!!
If you are an engineer, you crave to become a prog/manager, if your are a manager, u crave u had ur own venture!!!!!
When I was kid, I used to wish to grow up fast to get rid of mom's dictatorship or didis' cheatings or teachers' punishements or poor scorecards and what not
When grown up, I miss those carefree days, those innocent times when you dont have to worry what others may think (any action of urs wud embarass ur parents maybe, but not u 4 sure) and all.
When I am not married, I miss a wife,a best friend, you share ANYthing with (though I am too open with all in this sense, but still...) and many other experiences. I am sure when I get married, I'll miss the carefree days, i'll get burdended with some added responsibilities and blah blah.
So, the loveliest thing in the world is ELUSIVE
If you have it, then your life has come to standstill. So, watch out!!!! Keep the HUNT on.
Don't become complacent/helpless, keep up the effort and enjoy (atleast try) the journey!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

on Som's suggestion

I fully agree with Som (refer to his comment on my last posting) (agreeing with Som. I could never imagine that!!!!!)
When I started my blog, I intended to use it to satisfy myself of my creativity skills, as far writing is concerned and in the process, hoping that my readers would enjoy them. I feel I did acheive both through some postings.
No net connection at home and work in office dont is making it difficult to strike a balance between life of my blog and quality of my blog. I hope to set things right once I get net-connection installed at home and before that, get a laptop as well.
LORD, let there be net-connection at home!!!!!!
Anyway, I got an idea today. In the Vedic-age, we had the sections of society based on profession like kshatriya, brahman, vaishya and shudra. Names sucha Mr. A Singh, Ms S Rajak, Mrs B Vaishya or C Bhatt etc. must have come from that.
In present world, if we apply the same basis, we can expect names such as
Anand Oscillator, Abhaya Amplifier, Lokesh USB Buffer, Som Power, Sharad CRM,
Saurav Onlineadvert etc. etc.
Anyway, its just a proof that when I go back home, I have nothing else to do. No TV, no PC, NOTHING!!!!
khaali dimaag shaitaan ka.
Hail shaitaan

Thursday, June 02, 2005

BirthPLACE criterion!!!!

This question came to my while wondering why was I not born in the royal family of UK or why was not I destined to be Anand Walton or Gaurav Gates just by God's providence (in form of getting born here or there or where'er)!!!
Any comments?
If its related to what I do in this birth, its already too late to try to compensate by good deeds. so lemme have fun some more now (afterall I have to compensate for the next birth also!!!!)
Now if somebody says the crap as dont you feel so happy being the way you are and blah blah, blog is no place to reply to such things, atleast at presnt when I am short of time these days :D

Some posting

Well, (not actually though, just 2 days) since I posted something. Me just free enough to occassionally check the my gmail account and hence comments on my blog.
Today I got my hutch phone activated and hence could talk to my sis in Gujarat.
I today went to NDLS Rlwy Stn. to see off a cousin sis of mine who had come here (was staying at her bua's place) to take some med exam.
I was talking about her with my sis when this thing (a long unsolved mystery) cropped up again.
fortunately/unfortunately I have tutored few people and my sis was the second most dumb student I ever faced.
(Dont ask ANYthing about the dumbest. all i can say is she had dinosaur's brain in human body!!!!)
Well, back to my sis. I remember those days when I had taken my X board exams and was passing my time back home in Lohardagga (my dad was posted there then) and there was this sis preparing for Med entrance exams. Yes, sitting in Lohardagga with nobody to tutor her. For the uninitiated, its a small place where you dont expect such things as tution etc. etc.
Well, the onus to teach her physics was on me. My elder sis was not as free as I. Man!!! here was a guy a year junior to her and teaching her physics and even he (i.e. yours truly) got the impression that the girl is as dumb as she used to be when we all were kids.
Haa haa
Seriously, I remember the days when dad used to give us math quizzes and she was the undisputed trailer of we 3!!!!
Anyway, I never had the patience and ,honestly speaking, I now feel bad about the way I used to rebuke her, but it was just because I had the full confidence that she is my sis whom I love so much that such things she wont even notice to feel bad about and neither did I ever thought so much while rebuke or such thing. I , now , feel some(little) remorse.
Anyway, the DUMBO girl GOT THROUGH!!!!
And just one year she wasted!!! (I know people wasting two years or so to get through entrance exams of such professional courses)
Nobody was as much surprised by the result as I, my dad and my elder sis (in order of magnitude of surprise)
Because we had TRIED to tutor her !!!!
To cut the story short, she not only cleared the state level exam, she graduated with 2nd rank in the university!!!!
Now, if anybody is the BIGGEST fan of hers (jijaji might have been, earlier in the college, but i dont think he wud be anymore as they are happily married now), its me.
Her confidence amazes me. Not only now, even then when she had no proof to convince her younger brother that she was no dumbo, she had confidence in herself. She dropped out of one of the best Vet Colleges in India in Jabalpur, in first year itself, not listening to my mom's vehement pleas not to do so. My mom was also not unjustified as the impression she had got from my feedbacks was that she was a dumbo :-)
Anyway, now she is a doctor with amazing voice, great talent in sketching/painting, an amazing literary talent (how can I forget the days when she used to narrate to me "mangaranth kahaani" whihc went on and on and on till we both fell asleep while we were small kids) whose self-written poems were so beautiful.
She imbibed all those things of my dad except the seriousness towards studies and voice which she inherited from my mom.
I should not say so about the seriousness part now that I am convinced she has the zeal unmatched. The hard work she has put, I do know/remember/appreciate/realize that.
Hats off to you Soni didi.