Friday, November 24, 2006

Great Nice days of Yore

I wrote an article long back on whats the lovliest thing one finds. Its elusive. its something which you dont have.
Same applies to the best days of our life!!!!!
Ask somebody if he is having the best times of his life, he would always have days of yore to recall as the best days of his life.
If not natural, its definitely most probable answer. Its quite obvious, if people get satisfied with the present, world would come to a standstill !!!!!
But y m i writing such a serious thing when serriousness is never my forte and this thing is too bland and obvious to be written.
actually this was inteneded to convey this to somebody but if one's words and actions cannot convey, I am deadsure, writing just wont :-)
Or its not so? But nothing can be done anyway, not bacause of helplessness, but for the reason that EVERYthing possible has been done :-)
Anyway, I have definitely lost the regular readers of my blog because of suddenly going so dormant. But volcano needs to erupt just once and it agian becomes a strenght to be feared!!!!
So, i hope i need to start firing again and i'll hv new readers of my blog :-)