Sunday, December 23, 2007


Many a times I wonder who is the better of the two: Peter Keating or Howard Roark. Actually every individual (almost ALL) has traits of both the two. These are two orthogonal sets and every human being has a projection on these two axes. Unfortunately the projection on the Keating axis is much higher than on the Roark axis. And more unfortuante is that every individual would say that he/she admires Roark. Despite knowing what is that you wish/revere, people don't strive towards it but towards the easier path which just makes a hollow personality. Since the the majority is like that, Peter Keating makes much better impression than Roark, in the world.
But then, why doesn't Roark evolve and change to Keating. Because, the biggest happiness comes from within, not from appreciation/good-words from others. Hence Roarks do exist but they wonder why doesn't the world really do what it says it wants to do!!!
The world is so much used to getting impression about people by what they say about themselves, than what their actions speak for them. And this unfortunate hyprocrisy of the world, puts people who are really straightforward/honest, in unfortunate situations. But do such people care?
Yes, they do. As I said, such people do have some Keating component (a minor one, of course) also in them. That part comes because human being is afterall a social animal. Maslow's 4th level need does exist in them. And since the world really lacks Roarks, Roarks get dependent on likes of Keatings to understand, and hence appreciate them and here they yield to their human weakness :-(.