Saturday, August 25, 2007

NATURAL FEEDBACK SYSTEM in the society and its behavior

Gandhi freed India. Had he not done that, wont it have happened?
It would have - just the occurrence might have got delayed.
The colonies got free. Not Sun Yat Sen, not Gandhi and nor Atlee were the essential reasons. They just expedited the inevitable.
I believe in the surprising stability of the god-made natural feedback system which is present everywhere - from tangible to intangible things.
Why does the good prevail generally and not the evil.
There is nothing like good or bad, truth and evil. Nothing is absolute.
Its only that in the feedback system, which evolved or was made by god, the reference input is the truth, the holy, the correct and its that which is good. rest all are evil and untrue and bad. so whatever are the reference inputs got defined as the virtuous words.
Hence its not the truth which prevails, but what prevails is truth coz the system is designed such.
If, in the system, some noise such as a murderer running free in a society, develops, the feedback system helps him nabbed. The whole system starts working in correcting that noise as the stable feedback system doesn't allow that as a valid ouput and hence suppresses it.
Now comes the question how does the society etc. become part of this feedback system. Maybe the original one, when created was one, but how does the new one, the new society formed, the new babies born , the new countries become part of this feedback system and help it.
I believe, again this arrangement has been made by god (or evolved). we learn about the reference inputs to these stable systems through the religion or moral-science which are gist of learnings from history percolated through teachings by the scholars.
Why does religion exist? Because of this very reason.Even if you dont agree to the above given modus-oprandi behind the stability of the system, this doesn't take much ignited brain to accept that religion controls extreme emotions of human beings.
It teaches us to follow those follow those virtuous values and hence, in my philosophy, help the system (social system) become stable by helping in the direction of reference input.
(PS: for the people who don't know about feedback systems, few minutes of googling would suffice to understand my logic)
Religion is the strongest of emotion. But strangely it doesn't teach people to go against the reference inputs (which you call as virutes, in common langauge). Why? Of course becuase the history has taught that going against those virtues has failed. The nature's stable feedback system has always proved too strong for those noise. So, the religion simply teaches us to go with them, simply to be in harmoby with mother nature's (or God's) will!!!!!!


  1. Nice, pata chal raha hai office mein bahut kaam hai :)

    Waisey "As you sow so shall you reap" sets in the feedback...

    BTW, does it concludes that Gandhi screwed up the stability of independence movement thus speeding it up?

  2. I have also often felt the inevitability of it all. Jo hona hai hoke rahega. Our actions themselves are inevitable in a way - given that they are governed by hundreds of people, things, events beyond our control. Sometimes I think that this inevitability, this joint set-up of the whole universe minus me - or perhaps even including me - can be called my God. :-)