Sunday, June 21, 2009

What type of person you are

While chopping capsicum, for the filling inside improvised-samosa, a sudden thought flashed by my mind.
How can one best identify the type of person one is. Is it by the way he acts or is it by the way he 'reacts'?
Or maybe both of the things are equally important hallmarks of a person.
But, atleast at the moment of chopping capsicum, I felt its the later. How you react to a particular situation shows those aspects of yourself to you which you might not even have been aware of, yourself.
The way we solve linear equations - If there are constraints, unique solutions exist else there are innumerable solutions. Similarly, when constrained by the situations you fall in, your real traits manifest themselves than when acting with free will.
Now, after Socrates (not the brazilian football player), I think I am doing good at proving things with logics/analogies.

1 comment:

  1. Yeh kaunsa samosa hai bhai? Kab banaya aur akele-akele khaya??? :X:X

    I agree with thé latter as well! There were innumerable dimensions to my own self which I discovered lately, in the set of situations I wa put through.

    Now yeh zyaada hai..matlab ki situation aayi hi nai aur saare action-reaction sab apni taraaf main laga do..APne se thoda kam pyaar kia karen!