Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What bias is this. Surely not gender bias!!!!!

I don't know what prompted my neurons to suddenly get connected in the way that led me to the recollection of our TA202 class in the year 1999 in my college.
Anyway, poor neurons, though they never grow in number since the time human being is born, but they play the most important role just by their "connections" and reconnections (connections are really important, you see!!)
We were around 200 students (EE, CSE and few other branches combined) attending the most boring class I have ever attended in my life - TA202. (As I said, all I remember about the class is that it used to be conducted in LH2 (second largest lecture hall)). Almost all the people used to get bored in the class but none dare bunk it because the instructor (May his soul rest in peace) had made the attendance mandatory and he was notorious for no mercy to defaulters (he had a history of it.historysheeter :-))
Not only that, he used to get the back-door locked exactly at 8:00 am in the morning. Only the front door used to remain open, from which nobody could enter without the instructor watching him/her.
So, as was the custom, as soon as the 8:00 bell rang, the guys sitting nearest to the doors (I wonder what the motivation might have been, for sitting there, except the sadist pleasure in watching few people missing the class and hence their attendence by whiskers!!!) moved from their positions to close the doors. Just then appeared a girl from MME department on the left door, to attend the class. The instructor saw her. She started apologising for the same but the instructor didn't want(probably) to set wrong precedent. She was not allowed in and the side doors were closed.
5 minutes, mind u, its 300 seconds!!!!!!, later appears the sex-bomb of our batch, to attend the class. Obviously, her appearance was noticed only because she appeared on the FRONT DOOR!!!!!!!
The dilemma on the instructor's face was evident (had there been any lady instructor, i wonder if she would have been in a dilemma. I guess not). I am surprised how can I forget her name, but anyway, the girl waves her hand in some strange way, I guess some typical style to bowl over people like him, and says that her cycle broke down. The whole class was howling/shrieking/../.. but that didn't affect the instructor an iota. He was totally bowled over already and lets in the sex-bomb to the class!!!!!!!
She was not that thankless afterall and she came and sat at one of the emplty seats on the FRONT bench. le lo buddhe tum bhi nayansukh!!!!!!!!!


  1. Kya be gobs .. naam bhook gaye ;-)

  2. Gulli, tera comment dekhkar RS ka naam yaad aa gaya!!!!

  3. Anand bhai, buddhes are the wierdest ppl and esplly the staffs sometime utilise their priviliges just in the 'right' way, like making 'them' sit in the '"FRONT"' benches, etc. eise hi thodi na inhe internals mein full marks milte the..!! :D waise acronyms ki full form wud make a better understanding but then if its for concealment, then its fine..!!

  4. d00d, how can you know the difference in the anatomies of the two girls I talked about!!!!!!
    Well, since I have seen them both, I can tell you it was not the anatomy that was different :-)