Sunday, April 24, 2005

Most funny Hindi movie???

I am sure you all would come up with names such as Andaaz Apna Apna,Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron,Hera Pheri and many more such names.
But can you conjure up the name "Gajagamini" !!!!!
if not, then either you are amongst the elite community like profs of IISc (whom I watched the movie with, and M F Hussain, in the IISc auditorium) or have-nots who did't watch this movie. I agree Anadaz Apna Apna is a masterpiece, but that was made with that intent. Imagine(plss..., u do that, i cannt dare do that. HAA HAA HEE HEE HOO HOO) what would have happenned had MFH thought of making a comedy movie. Read on to get some idea to be able to imagine :).
With lots of excitement, I went with Lokesh to IISc, to watch the critically acclaimed (my heartfelt (rather belly-felt) thanks to the critics) movie and none else than Mr (somebody, please confer on him honorary doctorate)M F Hussain himself was to grace the occassion with his presence (and he did!!! I must appreciate his dare-devilry. Or maybe the ambience of IISc assured him of protection. He should have come to IITK :))
So, we did reach the newly built auditorium of some particular department (dont ask me which). Beautiful it was. Really the architect deserves some serious praise. It was simply grand.
Khair, we entered the auditorium, with few minutes delay (MaN, i oculd have laughed few more minutes had I reached on time :-( )
The movie had started. When I entered the DARK audi, I thought, nobody was there. But the pin-drop silence was deceptive. The audi was FULL (almost. I relaised at the end of the show. Yes I was there till the end!!!!) with the intelligentsia (the profs) and intelligentsiaayins (hee hee, their wives). When I reached there, the Bollywood king, SRK was on the screen (but he could not set the screen on fire as it was TOO bright with colors (no doubt, it was) all around already) and so was the queen Madhuri Dixit. The blunder I committed was I was expecting a movie with some protagonist or some storyline or some message or SOMEthing. Man, it had NOthing. Thanks to my blunder, it helped me enjoy the movie a hell lot!!!!!
Well, for few minutes, maybe 15-20, I tried my best, initially with my left brain(the logical one) and then the right (artistic one) to be able to follow what was going on - SRK and MD conversing in verses (or was it simple style? I was totally in awe of everything going on there and in awe of the audience enduring it with silence), few (actually LOT) naked children running around, some background music and something something...
I felt bad,feeling similar to reproach for not understanding the creation, the artist was trying to express(remember my posting on booker winner GOST!!!)
But with the entrance of Kavi Kalidas and then Samrat Akbar in the same scene, dawned upon me the realisation of truth.dont apply brains, stupid. this is CRAP. HAVE FUN. All hell broke loose inside my belly and I ran out of the audi, came out and had one of the most hearty laugh in my life. I laughed loudly, clutching my stomach,to the utmost surprise of the security guard standing outside. I had never laughed like that before. It was atleast 5 minutes before I went back to the sanctum sanctorum. Again the same calm, but I was at ease this time, not in awe, coz the truth had dawned upon me. I thoroughtly enjoyed the remaining part of the movie with clutched-mouth laughter.
Finally, to my regret, the movie ends. The host announces - Mr MFH is open to any questions people have. Please feel free to ak.
To top it up, my uncontrolled laughter, a professor stands up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got a jolt, my whole body protested. Somehow Lokesh's hard pinch worked (and obviously my self-control) and I could manage with a whiff.
MaN, if he could realised what he missed (he should have followed my actions) in his endeavour to follow the movie....
But MFH made my day (I am sorry for the audience which couldn't appreciate the movie and tried to understand it!!!!)


  1. Gajgamini was a nightmare..I dont wanna think abt it...btw i do not shre my bday with sachin tendulkar..but we do hav bdays on consecutive days 23rd n 24th ;)

  2. Ok. sorry for missing by a day.
    So, now you know how to enjoy watching "Gajagamini". All the best, in case you wanna give it a try :)

  3. Maybe Gajagamini is MFH's personal joke on the world. Probably he goes home after each show and laughs like you did, or maybe sniggers malignantly, at the people who watched seriously and asked questions in the end. Great artists are perverts sometimes.

    Have'nt seen the movie. But had a good laugh reading your post.

  4. oye oye J lal ... ab to mera bhi man kar raha hai gajagamini dekhne ka ... husain is god ...

  5. good post..but may be great MFH wanted to depict something abstract which earthly minds like you and me couldn't understand..:o)

  6. Abe JLAL I remember something like this happening when we were watching Rudali...if ya remember Ankush was remarking something like Raj babbars father is dead and that dimples mom dies and so on....we laughed so much that Ankush fell off his bed and was actually rolling on the floor laughing havent seen anything funnier in all my life....

  7. i missed (preferred to miss) the movie for obvious reasons. now i am tempted to watch it for the fun of it. about funny movie names, i hv come up with a few... check 'em out on MOVIE NAMES ON BODY PARTS - and FLOWERY MOVIE NAMES ON

  8. its was an horrific but successful attempt to convert black money to white